To acquire immense blessings, participate in the daily gatherings after Fajr and after Maghrib/Isha.

“When you pass by the gardens of Paradise, avail yourselves of them.” The Companions asked: “What are the gardens of Paradise, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “The circles of dhikr. There are roaming angels of Allah who go about looking for the circles of dhikr, and when they find them, they surround them closely.” (Tirmidhi)



Opening Hours


Open For 5 Daily Prayers

Open 15mins before Jamat
Fajr to Isha

Friday Prayer

Sermon Begins
1.30 pm

Islamic Classes

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Weekly Gathering

Maghrib to Isha

Welcome to the Islamic Centre

South Norwood Islamic Community Centre (SNICC)

Established in 2000


A Brief History:

SNICC stands as a beacon of community support in Croydon. Established in 2000 to meet the needs of local Muslims, especially the youth and recent converts, its central location near Norwood Junction station provides easy access for all.

SNICC has blossomed over the years, it has become more than just a place for prayer; it's a vibrant hub for diverse activities. From hosting school groups and interfaith gatherings to fostering youth activities, SNICC enriches the community fabric. Its commitment to inclusivity ensures everyone feels welcome, making it a cherished asset for Croydon residents.


Serving Humanity

Our Services

Join the Online Daily Gatherings of the Remembrance of Allah every morning and evening. All in the honourable company of Hadhrat Sheikh Asif Hussain Farooqui دَامَت بَرَکاتُہُمُ الْعَالِیَہ

Join Daily Dhikr Programme
img Chaplaincy

Hospital chaplaincy with scheduled visits and volunteer services available for sick relatives upon request.

img Community Outreach

Engages in interfaith events, community service projects, and initiatives to address social issues.

img Youth Activities

Offers diverse programmes for young people, promoting a safe, positive environment for socialising, learning, and faith development.

img Activities for Women

Events and programmes tailored for women, promoting support, empowerment, and community involvement.

Community Vision

The South Norwood Islamic Community Centre (SNICC) is dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community and empowerment. Our mission encapsulates three core principles:

Building Bridges into the Wider Community

We actively engage in bridge-building efforts to connect with the broader community. This includes welcoming visitors to our centre, supporting local law enforcement, fostering relationships with other faith groups, and promoting cooperation among local Islamic centres.

Creating Opportunities for Women and Youth

SNICC fosters empowerment for Muslim sisters and youth through diverse opportunities. Our initiatives aim to nurture personal growth, community engagement, and leadership development, fostering confidence, self-expression, and a sense of belonging.

Nurturing Moral and Spiritual Growth

As an Islamic faith centre, our primary goal is to support individuals in their moral and spiritual journey. SNICC serves as a place of prayer and meditation, where people can connect with their faith and engage in religious observances.

SNICC is dedicated to advancing Islamic education and nurturing spiritual growth.

At SNICC, we offer enriching Islamic education for all ages, fostering personal and communal growth. Our children's programme promotes Islamic values and academic excellence, while our adult sessions cover theology, spirituality, ethics, and practical life skills. Join us to thrive in a supportive learning community dedicated to knowledge, enlightenment, and transformation.

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