Other Services


The Centre is open for worship for all of the 5 daily prayers. The Centre has a capacity to cater for over 600 people and yearly 'Taraweeh' and 'Eid' prayers can also be read at the Centre.  In all cases, please park sensibly in either our car park, the Council car park adjacent to our site or Clifford Road and always be mindful of our neighbours when parking. Please take special care not to block bus routes, red routes or private driveways.


We now have a member of our Centre on the Croydon University Hospital Chaplaincy Team. Visits take place every Sunday afternoon. If you would like the volunteer chaplain to visit a sick relative please email us with the name of the patient, the ward, admission date and any other information we may find helpful. We can also arrange visits for patients of other faiths. For further information on the Croydon University Hospital Chaplaincy Team please visit:

Activities for Women

The Islamic Centre takes pleasure in supporting the social needs of ALL of our community. We hold regular surgeries for vulnerable members of our community - both male and female - in order to support with the day-to-day challenges of living in the UK and London in particular. Rising debt, homelessness, immigration and family issues, are just some of the wide range of issues we support. We believe strongly that core competencies and values need to be developed from a young age and for this reason we put a lot of effort into our daily classes for girls and boys. Above all it is our first and foremost aim to guide our students to be honest and integral and lead law abiding lives with the highest of social etiquettes. We also organise weekly themed sporting events for girls aged from 10-17; these include Badminton, Netball and Cricket, as well as craft clubs and other skill-building activities. The club also takes place every Friday evening between 10pm and 11pm in Crystal Palace at Harris Academy. Please see poster in Gallery for further information. Many of those who have passed through our Centre have returned to directly assist the Centre in providing services to the community, for instance the South Norwood Arts Festival (SNAF) exhibition we held recently was almost entirely organised by ladies from our community.

Sisters Weekly Gathering

Every Saturday morning the Centre is dedicated to Women and children for a special program of worship and Lunch. Its a great social event and an opportunity for the community to come together and share experiences and learn from each other in a welcoming atmosphere. This program is very well attended with excess of 150 women attending.

Quraan Classes

The Centre has held daily Quraan and Arabic classes successfully for over ten years for Boys and Girls aged 5-17. Part of these classes are aimed at educating youth on how to live in the UK as a law abiding citizen and displaying exemplary social etiquettes. The classes take place after school between 5.30pm to 7.30pm daily Monday to Friday. Please contact us for further information on admissions.

Boys Activities

We have successfully run a weekly football club for young boys since 2010. The club takes place every Friday evening between 10pm and 11pm in Crystal Palace at Harris Academy. Please see poster in Gallery for further information.