Partner Organisations


Partner Organisations

People For Portland Road

We believe that there is real potential for the regeneration of Portland Road and the surrounding area and that by working together towards our core aims we can achieve improvements for the benefit of the whole community.

Croydon Voluntary Action

Croydon Voluntary Action promotes, supports and develops effective voluntary action, community development and community involvement for the benefit of the whole community within the London Borough of Croydon.

Croydon Faith Education Resources

Croydon Faith Education Resources library is a multi faith resource library with 18000 books, pictures, DVD’s and artefacts that can be borrowed by schools, education groups within faith communities and individuals with an interest in faith matters. It is found at the back of Ashburton Library at the Oasis Shirley Park on Shirley Park Rd, entrance down the side of the building to the door at the back. Look at the website to see some of the items and find out more about joining by emailing

Croydon SACRE

Every Local Education Authority (LEA) is required by law to have a SACRE. It;s origins go back to the Education Act of 1944, but the Education Reform Act 1988 and the Education Act 1996 strengthened its place in an LEA.

Muslim Association of Croydon

Created in 1974 The Muslim Association of Croydon was formed to provide for the needs of Muslims settled in Croydon without distinction of origin, colour or creed, to safeguard their interests, way of life, language, customs and traditions.

South London Council of Mosques

"Our mission is to promote racial and religious harmony through the promotion of mutual understanding between different racial and religious groups; closer cooperation between local Mosques, service providers and faith communities; and advising on community issues" Representing Approximately 175,000 Muslims and 50+ Mosques & Islamic Centres in South London. The South London Council of Mosques (SLCOM) was established to bridge communication gaps between mosques within the South London area. It operates as an independent umbrella organisation representing a diverse membership of local mosques, cultural and Islamic centres and religious with all the major mosques in South London standing united on one platform. The organisation was fuelled by a desire to provide a united and uniform platform in order to promote the needs and aspirations of the Muslim community in South London.

Faith Together In Croydon

Faiths Together in Croydon exists to be a collective voice for faiths communities in Croydon. It serves as an inter-faith network representing the diverse faiths of Croydon. Its members work collaboratively and strategically to improve Croydon for Croydon people. The Network acts as a platform to raise the needs of faith communities to policy makers and other agencies (statutory and voluntary) to improve engagement and awarness. Through this, the Network works collectively to highlight common agendas and campaign for positive change.