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Engagement Activities | South Norwood Islamic Community Centre
Engagement Activities

Engagement Activities


Engagement Activities

Interfaith Bike Ride and Picnic 2017

10 Jul, 2017
Location: Croydon (various)

This year the Council supported a special Big Get Together event on Sunday 9 July 2017 to show that we #WeStandTogether - hosted by FTiC and SNICC. This was Faiths Together in Croydon’s 3rd inter-faith bike ride and picnic. The ride through Croydon visits our diverse sites of worship before joining a dedicated Big Get Together picnic in the park. It was a wonderful day, bringing our community together, young and old, to promote diversity and equality. The ride was led by trained ride leaders who followed the following day plan: 10 am - Starting point for Group A: Croydon Arena, SE25 4QL for a route safety briefing 10:30 am - Group A starts riding! Group B starts gathering at Boxpark CR0 1LD (Dingwall Road side) 10:45 am – Group A arrives at Boxpark for coffee and croissants. 11 am – Groups A and B depart together for a ride around Croydon visiting various places of worship. 2 pm – arrive at Park Hill Recreation Ground, Fairfield Road, for the Big Get Together interfaith picnic. Everyone is invited so bring the family along to welcome the bike riders. 5 pm - picnic ends The picnic at Park Hill Recreation Ground was a huge success with a huge number of locals in attendance. Also in attendance was the Mayoress of Croydon and local Councillors.

Please see FTiC report below:

The 3rd annual Interfaith Bike Ride and Picnic hosted by Faiths Together in Croydon was more successful than ever. Around 30 riders left Croydon Arena and were joined by 15 more at Box Park where the riders were welcomed by the Leader of the Council, Tony Newman, and Councillor Hamida Ali. After a break for coffee and croissants, the riders continues to the Gurdwara for cold drinks and fresh fruit and a warm welcome. Continuing on to the Synagogue, there was an equally warm welcome and more cold drinks. The final leg of the ride took us across the golf course to Park Hill where others were waiting to greet us. The Mayor, Councillor Toni Letts, arrived shortly after and congratulated the riders. Many different faiths were represented on the ride and at the picnic.

Thanks to Dominic, Sarah and Mel from Cycle Training UK for guiding us safely along the route and to Croydon Council for supporting the ride and picnic.

Member of many different faiths were represented on the ride and at the picnic and all ages.

More photos on Twitter under the #FTiCbikeride hashtag, the Faiths Together in Croydon facebook page, and on the website (

Delicious hot food was provided by South Norwood Islamic Centre.

Project Griffin for Croydon Faith Community

10 Jul, 2017
Location: Croydon Town Hall

Members from SNICC attended the ‘Project Griffin for Croydon Faith Community’ on Wednesday 5th July 2017. This specially arranged Project Griffin event was for representatives of all faiths within the borough of Croydon. It’s a new initiative to keep places of worship in Croydon safe.

Croydon Police and Faith Together in Croydon jointly launched the introduction to the Faith Responders role in Croydon - open to volunteers from all faith venues / communities in Croydon. These volunteers can play an important role in assisting the emergency services, local authority and key partners following a terrorist attack or major incident that may affect the local community. The event aimed to provide joint learning to make our faith venues and communities more resilient to any type of major incident.

SNICC management is now formally registered as part of the 'Faith Responders in Croydon'.

Presentations at the event included:

· Opening by Croydon Police - Superintendent Tony Josephs

· A welcome by the Faiths Together in Croydon Chair - Penny Smith-Orr

· An introduction for Croydon Faiths Liaison Officer - Alex Starr

· An introduction to the concept Faith Responders.

· Croydon Counter Terrorism Focus Desk delivering the brand new 2017 Project Griffin presentation containing vital information including:

· Identifying suspicious behaviour, how to report it and its importance.

· Stay Safe, RUN HIDE TELL - Marauding Terrorist Weapons & Firearms attacks.

· Suspicious Items, Bomb threats, enhancing protective security of your premises.

· Many more topics relevant to your faith community and there will be a great opportunity for networking.

James Dixon Religious Education Day

30 Mar, 2017
Location: James Dixon Primary School

On 30 March 2017 we were invited to deliver two lessons as part of a Religious Education Day at James Dixon Primary School. Children at the school spent an entire day learning faith related education. Some of the children attended a local Church on a day out and some went to Croydon Buddhist Temple. Of those who remained at school there were presentations from representatives of the Jewish and Islamic faiths. As part of the Islamic presentation, the children learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam, were shown visual artefacts, heard recitation from the Holy Quran and finally smelt some perfume that is typically used by Muslims before they pray. Many thanks to James Dixon Primary School for inviting us to the 2017 Religious Education Day. Further information regarding the event will shortly appear on the school website (

We Stand Together

31 Mar, 2017
Location: Croydon Town Hall

Members from SNICC attended the 'We Stand Together' on Wednesday 29 March 2017 in memory of those who lost their lives in the tragic attack in London recently.

The attack in Westminster last week aimed to create fear, distrust and discord, but in Croydon we will not let hate divide us. You are invited to join me, my cabinet colleagues, members of the opposition cabinet, community and faith leaders, as well as representatives from the emergency services, to show that we continue to stand together. One week after the tragic event we will remember those who have lost their lives or were injured. We will also thank the emergency services for the work they do in keeping our communities safe and secure. · Please come to Croydon Town Hall on Wednesday 29 March from 2.20pm (for proceedings to start at 2.35pm) · Refreshments will be served following the speeches · Ends 3.30pm Yours sincerely, Councillor Hamida Ali Cabinet Member for Communities, Safety & Justice Councillor Alison Butler Deputy Leader of the London Borough of Croydon.

Gavin Addresses Friday Congregation In Light of Tragic London Events

25 Mar, 2017
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

Article coming soon...

Croydon Vicars Visit SNICC

09 Feb, 2017
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

Article to come soon...

Community Security Briefing

26 Jan, 2017
Location: Bernard Weatherill House, Croydon

On Wednesday 10th August 2016 SNICC attended a Community Security Briefing meeting at Croydon Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House. With incidents of racial and religious abuse rising post Brexit and  worldwide events continuing to show the level to which individuals will go to achieve their aims and the potentially devastating consequences. This event sought to advise and familiarise faith communities on protective security, counter-terrorism and crime prevention issues, and to introduce the personnel within Croydon’s Metropolitan Police specifically addressing these issues.


Following an introduction by Metropolitan Police Borough Commander Andy Tarrant the evening progressed with a Protective Security Presentation from the staff on the Counter Terrorism Security Desk:


The main points were:

In the event of an incident the effectiveness of your response is of paramount importance in protecting your community and your buildings, have a plan and leaders who can implement it should something suspicious occur.

Guidance on how to spot suspicious behaviour at your venue by non members of your community who may be planning a disruption.

If you personally involved in an terror incident anywhere remember RUN HIDE TELL  - get safe and report the incident to the confidential hotline below, program it into you phones now so it is to hand.


Croydon Counter Terrorism Security Desk at

If you have any questions you can contact Ben Turner or James Baster on 07789 710213


The evening continued with a presentation on Police engagement and Crime reporting by the newly appointed Croydon Community Faiths Liaison Officer DC Alex Starr and, significantly, the offer of visiting faith venues to advise and educate the wider community members in areas discussed during the event.

Gavin Holds Surgery At SNICC

16 Mar, 2016
Location: South Norwood Islamic Centre

Gavin Barwell MP visited SNICC on 4 March 2016. Several issues were raised, for instance; Uber taxis, parking, English lessons policies, charity work and a possible interfaith football tournament. The community were happy to have the opportunity to discuss these issues directly with Gavin and we would be happy to host him again in the near future.

Remembrance Sunday 2015

31 Jan, 2016
Location: Fairfield Halls, Croydon

It was pleasure for some of us from South Norwood Islamic Community Centre (SNICC) to form a part of the FTiC delegation at the Remembrance Sunday service, in Fairfield Halls on 8th November 2015; after the Fairfield Halls' service, FTiC representatives also laid a wreath in the Queen's Gardens.

It is especially important for Croydon's faith groups to join the commemoration, and for two reasons: firstly, we especially benefit from the sacrifices of the past which have secured our present, and, secondly, it is our forebears who were so much a part of that sacrifice.

Firstly, faiths could not exist together - not in Croydon, nor in Britain - without the freedoms that we enjoy here.  It is the basic freedoms that have been secured for us, which grant us all the right and the opportunity to choose and to follow our ways of life.  We depend on these freedoms to live together, here, in a thriving multi-faith society; and for this reason it is natural and fitting that we are a part of the commemoration of the sacrifices that protected these freedoms for us.

Secondly, many people probably don't realise just how much Britain depended on its Empire in the great conflicts of the last century.  Most of Britain's faith communities today are from those same peoples whose contributions and sacrifices made the last century's victories possible.  In this regard, it was gratifying to see our FTiC colleague, Jagdish Sharma, say a little about the contribution of the peoples of the Empire as a part of the commemorations of the day.

Behind Closed Doors

31 Jan, 2016
Location: Croydon Voluntary Action Centre

In November, we helped organise and subsequently attended an afternoon forum for a discussion on domestic abuse for ladies only at the CVA premises in Croydon. In attendance were 40 ladies mainly from the Christian, Muslim and Hindu communities. The afternoon started with two key note speakers Reverend Amanda, Vicar St Mary Magdalene and Shaykhah Mezabin, a Scholar of Islam. Both these ladies talked about the theology of their faith and what the Bible and the Qur’an say about abusing another person which of course is not at all acceptable. These were followed by Paula Doherty Paula Doherty, Strategic Manager Troubled Families and Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in Croydon, who discussed the problems facing women, and also some men, domestic violence can happen to a man or a woman, although women are disproportionately affected.  Two women die every week as a result of domestic violence.  A women experiences 35 incidents before they seek help.  There is an increase in violence of child to adult, or adult children to their parents.

 She then showed a film about someone suffering abuse and trying to get away from the situation. After the film, Paula said that it was not unusual for a woman to find it hard to leave.  The abuse may be subtler e.g. not having access to personal documents, emotional abuse.

The meeting then broke into groups to discuss what would be the losses and gains if you leave a violent relationship.  If you are in fear of your life and walk into e.g. the Family Justice Centre for help, you lose everything – your home, family members, community groups, identity, your children lose their toys/pets.  All the gains are in the future and you may feel more at risk when you leave. Also in attendance were some members of agencies who offer help to people in this situation. 020 8688 0100 (includes a step by step guide of what to do if you are worried about someone) and also some from the women's refuge in Croydon.  The


South Norwood Mosque also have a women's group who would be able help women with a problem.